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I'm a keen writing enthusiast. To simply put it; I absolutely love to write. Projecting thoughts and feelings through free text is such an incredible way to express yourself, and ever since I've been able to grasp the concept of public writing, I've relished every second of the time spent to create various pieces.
I'm certain that there are thousands upon thousands of young writers out there like me, who just want the opportunity to share their work in a space that implores such content. There must be hundreds of you out there who - just like me - want to break into the world of professional writing, in the hope that some day, your name will be recognised and established world-wide. That's what this site aims to achieve.

The work from young, dedicated writers from across the globe will feature on this site, along with different genres and styles, giving the readers a magnificent variation depending on what takes their fancy. There's certainly no better place to share your work than on the internet, and if you feel that you're hungry enough to aim for the stars, then you need look no further.
The beauty of this site is simply the fact that it's an open house. There are regular writers who will feature constantly, as well as one time pieces sent in by the readers of the site. If you're serious about entering the world of journalism, creative writing, or just want the chance to share your thoughts on certain topics close to heart, then Hansen Online is the place for you.
You never know who may be reading, so don't hesitate to create!


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January 2000

In this area, I might include links to specific pages of my e-zine, perhaps with a short summary of the content in order to draw readers in.

If you have any suggestions, feedback, or general interest in the content on the site, just Email